September 20, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - #AnimalShelter Flood

Read one of our blogs about our frequent shelter floods.

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Our Mission: Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings of the Peruvian Amazon region. This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect.Amazon CARES is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt charity under section 170 of the Federal IRS Code.  All  donations, bequests and gifts are tax deductible.  Our FEIN number is 45-366-0998.

August 21, 2017

Fully Recovered, #RescueDog Gary is a Member of a Loving Family! #Adoption Follow-Up!

Gary is named in honor of donor Gary Flint.

Gary Defeated Mange!

In the April "Rainforest Update," Executive Director Manuela Rodrigues wrote of a very common ailment in Iquitos, Peru, mange:

Many, many street animals suffer from mange. This inflammatory disease is caused by parasitic mites, and it affects a huge portion of the homeless pet population in Peru. 

Mange is a common reason for pet abandonment and animal cruelty, as people do not understand that the illness is treatable, and suffering animals often scare people.

Dogs are more likely to contract it, but cats suffer too. The symptoms are miserable— and include skin lesions, intense itching, and fur loss. These lesions often become infected.  The disease is highly contagious, and some infestations affect the immune system, we’re serious about keeping mange to a minimum."  
Gary and his sister are best friends!

Gary's new home!
We follow-up on adoptions to ensure the well being of our beloved animals.  Check out Gary in his new home!

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety has opened our doors to animals since 2004!  You can help more animals like Gary with a donation of any size!


2018 Veterinary Trips are being planned NOW!  Contact for information! We are seeking licensed veterinarians!

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August 7, 2017

Scott: A Happy and Tumor-Free #Puppy!

It's another typical day at the veterinary clinic at Amazon CARES in Peru! 
Scott is one of many cases we deal with daily. He is a puppy who came in with a tumor. Dr. Edwin operated and treated him in our clinic.  

Scott is now a happy puppy. He'll gradually recover and move on!

Many thanks to the people who trust us every day. We are always happy to help!
Every animals is treated with lots of affection and dedication from the Amazon CARES team!

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety has opened our doors to needy animals like Scott since 2004!  You can help more animals like Scott with a donation of any size!

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2018 Veterinary Trips are being planned NOW!  Contact for information! We are seeking licensed veterinarians!

WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH RETAILER AMAZON!  However, you can still utilize retailer Amazon to help us. Please follow the link to our Amazon Smile account, where we will receive 0.5% of all eligible purchases as a donation.  Please use this unique link for us to receive donations through your purchases:

August 5, 2017

The Accidental Charity - A Tribute to our Canine Co-Founder, Marron. RIP.

This blog was originally posted in 2009
2016: R.I.P.Marron, the co-founder of Amazon CARES charity.

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety came into being by chance.Molly Mednikow, a North American business woman traveled to Peru's stunning Amazon region over 
many years as a volunteer for another organization.  Dismayed at the countless, severely ill, stray dogs in Iquitos, Peru, she would rescue at least one dog per trip, the first one being "Lucky," due to all the Peruvians saying he was one lucky dog that she came along!
Molly & a Recovered "Lucky"

She made an arrangement with a local Veterinarian. They converted his backyard into a kennel area, and she sent money to support his rescuing 10 dogs per month. Of course this is a mere drop in the bucket, and the initial "Amazon Dog Rescue" did not continue for more than 6 months.
Meeting Marron on the Street.

During 2004 she kept food on hand to feed street dogs that would approach her cautiously. One very ill, malnourished, mangy dog caught her attention frequently. One evening, when returning to her hotel, she saw this dog sleeping in front of the hotel entrance. However she was seeing double! Two sisters, identical in appearance and in poor health, "found" her!

Sneaking Marron 1 & Marron 2 into the Hotel!
She snuck them into her hotel room and spent the entire night bathing dried mud and fleas from them. 
As she rescued more dogs and took them to local Veterinarians for treatment, she started running out of space. Everyone she knew was keeping dogs for her! When she visited one older dog that had been abandoned, she found him in a dark room behind the Veterinary Clinic in a cramped box, unable to move, and with no water or food.

She had no other choice . . . She never boarded the plane back to the US. She rented space and built out kennels and a exam room. Most people thought she'd lost her mind, and Peruvians especially were unaccustomed to humane treatment of animals. Animal abandonment was very common. Mass poisonings to control the stray population was the government animal control program.
Happy at the Shelter!
Since 2004 Amazon CARES has operated stray dog health and population control programs, humane education programs, a no-kill shelter and a low cost vet clinic.  Please support our mission has already made a significant impact on living conditions and health for animals AND humans in the poorest region of Peru, the Amazon region. All donations are tax deductible.

A final note: The two sisters survived and thrived. One was adopted into a wonderful family, and Molly adopted Marron who lived very happily at our spacious jungle shelter!

Epilogue August 2017: Molly and Marron returned to the US.  Manuela Rodrigues is now the Executive Director of Amazon CARES in Peru & the US. 

Marron lived a long, beautiful life, passing away March, 2016.  Manuela scattered a portion of Marron's ashes in the Amazon river and at the Cabo Lopez shelter.  

July 14, 2017

Emergencies happen DAILY at Amazon CARES

Hey all!

Things have been CRAZY here at Amazon CARES in Iquitos. Executive Director Manuela has been in Peru overseeing the operation of our no-kill animal shelter and full service veterinary clinic, and we have never been busier with the number of cases coming in. We are also continuously running campaigns such as our anti-mange and deworming campaign happening NOW! 

The reality is that every day here, animals come through our doors extremely sick, malnourished, and neglected. 

Meet Linda (named in honor of an amazing supporter, Linda Kane), the incredibly cute pup pictured below. Manuela found her in critical condition while passing by at a gas station- the dog was pregnant, and was experiencing dystocia, or trouble giving birth. Looking around the gas station, people passed by this sweet girl like she was not even there; it's as if she was dumped there and forgotten. Recognizing that this was a medical emergency, Manuela was able to get out Linda to the Amazon CARES clinic for prompt treatment. 
Linda receiving treatment

Unfortunately, none of Linda's puppies survived, but because we found Linda when we did, we were able to spay her with no complications yesterday. She is doing well! She is receiving the TLC she deserves now. Without our help, Linda could have died that same day.

Linda at rescue time
Thanks to our organization, many people in the Iquitos community care about the well-being of animals, whether owned or street dogs or cats. As you can see, we still have a long way to go to ensure dogs like Linda don't suffer unnecessarily in broad daylight. 

With YOUR help, we can continue our mission stronger than ever, determined to make this small part of the world a better place for animals and making a BIG difference for Linda, and the long list of other animals now in loving, caring hands. 

THANK YOU for your wonderful support to make rescues like this successful. 

June 28, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: Packing up for a #Veterinary Campaign!

2018 Veterinary Trips are being planned NOW!  Contact for information!  Our Director is currently in Peru & may not be able to respond right away!

Seeking licensed veterinarians!

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Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety is the only domestic animal charity in Peru’s Amazon. Since being founded in 2004, Amazon CARES has offered a variety of programs promoting animal health and welfare, public health, and environmental protection. 

June 22, 2017

Help Us Strengthen Our #AnimalShelter!

Amazon CARES has exciting news! 

A generous supporter of our organization will MATCH all donations made for our fundraising campaign to repair and strengthen our beautiful animal shelter facility! Our shelter, located in the Amazon River Basin, has been in operation to rescue and re-home countless homeless and abandoned animals since 2004. The shelter has multiple community cat rooms and dog runs that are optimal for the health and well being of our cats and dogs being housed here. As you can imagine, harsh conditions, storm damage, and flooding makes it a challenge to keep up, and these facilities have been damaged a lot over time. Or shelter is in need of a major overhaul right now, and mending broken fences is a great place to start!

If we can gather $5,000 in donations, our anonymous donor will double this amount, making this a total of $10,000 to improve our facilities! This larger amount of money would be HUGE for us in making major improvements, including building an outdoor fenced in area for all our shelter dogs. 

Donate HERE today…and make TWICE the impact for animals!

May 31, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: #AdoptAShelterPet!

We #rescue animals in ALL shapes in sizes! How could you say no to this precious face? #AdoptAShelterPet

May 25, 2017

#Rainforest #Update- Check it out!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Check out Manuela's RAINFOREST UPDATE- a newsletter giving an update on Amazon CARES most recent endeavors!

Sign up HERE to receive her email updates to always stay in the loop on what's going on at the Amazon region's ONLY non-profit animal shelter and veterinary clinic! The progress we've made is truly amazing, thanks to YOU and our supporters, so follow along! We appreciate each and every person who has given us a donation of any amount, time, and kind thoughts!

May 11, 2017

Manuela Makes National News!

In case you haven’t heard, our very own Manuela Rodrigues recently popped up in national headlines via! As Executive Director & President of Amazon CARES, her lifelong dedication to animals and people alike deserves a bit of the spotlight, and we couldn’t be prouder. Take a few minutes to read all about Manuela right here!  And, check out a few new photos from her most recent trip to Peru in May.

Manuela and one of our shelter residents enjoy the sunshine
Manuela makes a new furry friend
Assisting Dr. Edwin Inga with a feline exam in our vet clinic

Rounding up dogs in the marketplace for anti-mange treatment

April 23, 2017

The Festival of Monkeys

Last month, Amazon CARES was honored to take part in a very special event in Iquitos, Peru: The 1st Festival of Monkeys of the Peruvian Amazon- Iquitos 2017. This event's purpose was to raise awareness that wild animals are NOT pets. Here and in many other regions, monkeys are severely affected by illegal trafficking. As an organization, we believe in protecting ALL animals- both wild and domestic! We were thrilled to take part in such an important public event. MANY THANKS to our volunteers for their unconditional support! Please join us in protecting all the beautiful creatures of the Amazon Jungle.

Our volunteers ROCKED this event! Great work team!

 Donate here to support ALL ANIMALS in Iquitos, Peru!

April 19, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: #Miracles #Saving #Animals

Amazon CARES has rescued THOUSANDS of animals in Iquitos, Peru! Our efforts and daily dedication is to provide the best care and love to all the animals that need us. We want to share with you some of the miracles we have witnessed! 
Please support MANY more animals in need with a donation- ANY amount will make a HUGE difference in their lives! We rely 100% on your support and donations!

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter from Amazon CARES!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter from Amazon CARES!

Former street dog Dan ADOPTED!!
We hope everyone has a wonderful day! One of our recently adopted rescue dogs, Dan, will be spending the day with his brand new family!! We LOVE happy endings!

Catalina, rescued a few months ago, is finally on the mend after being found in very rough shape. She is looking for a loving family to spend many more wonderful holidays with. She was named after the Catalina family for their generous support!

Beautiful Catalina is in search of a new home!
Thanks to all for your continued dedication and support to our no-kill animal shelter and veterinary clinic. We see the difference that we've made in the community every single day, thanks to your help!
Send some love to all our rescue animals in Iquitos, Peru today- they sure deserve it!
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April 12, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: #Priceless #AnimalRescue #Charity Moments!

Last February, our President and Executive Director, Manuela Rodrigues, was in Iquitos overseeing all operations! Our successful Spay & Neuter Campaign, Rescues, supervised adoptions, assisted in the care of patients and their pets, and much more!
Do you want to know a little more about her visit? Here is a heartwarming video with priceless moments!

April 9, 2017

David Found His Forever Home!

David was just a 3 month old puppy when he was abandoned in our no-kill shelter. The pictures truly say it all- look at how relaxed and happy he looks when he is fully recovered, and taking a final snapshot before heading home to his fur-ever home. THIS is the reason we are here- we LOVE what we do!!

Enjoy your new family David!

Please, make a donation of ANY amount to so we can help many more neglected dogs and cats like David! We rely 100% on your support and donations!

April 5, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: #Adoption #Event this Caturday! #Animal #Rescue

We have SO MANY wonderful cats to #adopt out at our upcoming adoption fair this Saturday, April 8th!

March 31, 2017

A #SecondChance at Life: A Cat's Journey!

"Catigula" is a beautiful white cat that stole a tourist’s heart, Maria. She decided to take him to a vet due to he was in a very bad condition for a wound inside and out his mouth. He couldn’t eat and was very weak and in pain. The veterinarian at a local clinic in Iquitos saw Catigula and decided that it was the best to put him down. Maria decided to look for a second opinion and do anything possible to save his life.
She came to our clinic and after our veterinarians checked Catigula, they thought he had a chance to survive but he needed to go through a risky surgery. They decided to go ahead and the result was amazing! Catigula is not only eating, but now is a very healthy and loving cat living with a lovely family that will take great care of him and give the life he deserves.

Donate here! We rely 100% on your support and donations!

March 29, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: Gary was #adopted! Help us #rescue them all

This is Gary, a former street dog that needed our help, and recently he joined as one of our thousands of success stories! Adopt! Don't Shop!

March 27, 2017

#Rescued, #Rehabilitated, and #Adopted! #HappyEnding

Here’s a glimpse into the life of a dog, Nyon, that faced extreme neglect but was ultimately rescued by Amazon CARES. The picture shows the rescue time, when Nyon received ALL the care and love needed, fully recovered and when he got adopted! As you can see, it takes an extremely dedicated team to provide every aspect of care needed by each of our patients. Nyon is one of the thousands of dogs and cats we have helped. 

Please, make a donation of ANY amount to help animals in need like Nyon! Be a hero for animals that need our help every single day. 

Donate here! We rely 100% on your support and donations!

March 24, 2017

Hundreds of #Animals Received #Veterinary Care - Amazon CARES January & February 2017 Report

Amazon CARES assisted hundreds of animals in Iquitos, Peru, during the first two months of 2017. Check out these numbers and see how many animals we have been helping. We accomplished all of this because of our wonderful supporters & donors who make this possible!

TREATMENTS provided by Amazon CARES at NO Cost

32 Street Dogs neutered
13 Street Dogs spayed
30 Deworming Animals
12 Dogs adopted through our no-kill shelter
8 Cats adopted through our no-kill shelter
13 Dogs rescued 
7 Cats rescued 

TREATMENTS provided by Amazon CARES at Social Cost

1109 Animals received treatment
133 Animals were vaccinated
42 Deworming Animals
20 Dogs spayed 
6 Dogs neutered
52 Cats spayed  
6 Cats neutered

Thanks to our generous supporters, Amazon CARES is able to continue our invaluable work. Thank you for your support and remember that with your help, we can continue helping hundreds of animals! Donate to our charity today!

March 22, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: "Olvi" an Unforgettable Rescue #Dog

Supporter Anita Soluna rescued "Olvi" from a jungle village, bringing her to Iquitos and to Amazon CARES! Olvi is short for "Olvido," meaning "Forgotten."
Look at her before and after pictures.  She is truly unforgettable! 

March 20, 2017

#Kittens Are Always in Season, but our #NoKill Charity Never Turns Any #Animal Away

Kitten season is approaching!

While many of the animal rescues and shelters are overflowing with kittens in the United States, overpopulation is even more of a concern in Iquitos, Peru, where resources are scarce. Year round, it is extremely difficult to prevent cats from creating more litters, continuing the cycle of homeless and sick cats living in the streets. To make matters worse, boxes and even bags of unwanted kittens are left at our doorstep for us to take responsibility for, as we are the only non-profit animal rescue in the Amazon. As you know, we will NEVER turn animals in need away, despite our extremely limited resources in this very remote region of the country. Our efforts focus on rescuing, rehoming, and managing the feral cat population through trap, neuter, and release campaigns. 

Last year alone, we were able to spay and neuter over a hundred cats through our feral cat campaigns. In addition, hundreds of owned pets are fixed and provided with necessary veterinary care. Locals have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of sick, unfixed cats in local markets and city

squares. We have more campaigns happening this year too, including one happening right now in memory of our dear friend, Bill Grimes.   

If we can continue our efforts in Iquitos, Peru by caring for not only owned companion animals, but also street animals, we can continue to make a huge impact on animals and a community in need. 

Our programs run ENTIRELY on donations, and every gift to us is directly used for the animals. The more donations we receive, the more animals we are able to rescue! To support our feral cat campaigns, make a donation HERE. 

March 17, 2017

Animal Rescue: A Team Effort

On a daily basis, we are heartbroken by the amount of sick, homeless, and mistreated animals that we see and care for in our non-profit veterinary clinic and animal shelter in Iquitos, Peru. At the same time, we are filled with hope by the amazing compassion that comes from the community to help these animals in need.

The dog pictured here is "Aton", who was abandoned, poisoned, and left to die in the streets. A kind citizen found him and took him into his home. Aton was taken to our veterinary clinic, and Dr. Edwin Inga, our chief veterinarian, took charge of his case and ensured he was given the attention he needed for a smooth recovery. Now, Aton has regained his health, and is doing very well! He is living life to the fullest with his 
new, loving family. 

Rescues like these are a team effort from our organization, the community of Iquitos, and supporters like you. Aton's life was forever changed, like many other rescued animals that we've saved and rehomed to wonderful families. Please, make a donation of any amount to help animals in need like Aton! We rely 100% on your support and donations!   

March 15, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: Our #Commitment to #Animals in Need

Rescue dog "Dana", before and after treatment at Amazon CARES.
Dana came to us extremely sick. We committed our time, caring hands, and a significant amount of resources to nurse her back to health. Making the right call on the best treatment plan for every animal we see is our top priority. Animals like Dana deserve the chance to heal! We continue to ask you for your support in helping us to provide veterinary care, food, and shelter to every animal in need. Please donate today!

March 14, 2017

100 Dogs + 200 Cats + 1 Caring Vet

Thank You: Times Two

Hello, everyone! This is Manuela Rodrigues, Executive Director and President of Amazon CARES, and I want to welcome you to this Rainforest Update. I’ll be keeping you posted every few months with our latest news, campaigns, challenges, and successes. I look forward to staying in touch on a regular basis!

First off, let me extend one last thank you (and a virtual hug) to all of the generous people who donated to our Holiday Matching Campaign. It was a big success, and we met our goal of raising $5,000 during the months of December and January. Because of your efforts, an anonymous donor matched this amount, which means we raised a total of $10,000 for Amazon CARES!

All funds will go directly toward the food, medicine, supplies, and operational expenses that we must meet to keep our animals safe and healthy. Thanks to you, we’ll have the resources to rescue, treat, shelter, and find homes for twice as many abused and neglected street animals in the coming months…and that’s the best gift we can possibly imagine!

100 Street Dogs: The Count Continues

As some of you know, our dear friend Bill Grimes was an Iquitos business owner who lost his life to a terrible storm in the summer of 2016. His memory and his love for animals live on, however, through our 100 Street Dogs Campaign. Launched in Bill’s honor, this campaign aims to spay or neuter at least 100 homeless dogs and greatly reduce animal overpopulation on the streets of Peru.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Our small staff is already stretched to the limit with daily clinic procedures, animal rescues, abandonment cases, and other emergencies. Still, we’ve already spayed or neutered over 60 street dogs, and we’re working hard to reach 100. As always, we value your contributions to the cause. Rest assured we won’t stop until we meet the magic number!

200+ Cats: A Big Finish for Felines

From July to November of 2016, our feline spay and neuter campaign made huge strides for cats! Once again, this effort required a tremendous amount of time, resources, and expertise. Despite these hurdles, we spayed or neutered more than 200 street cats! Add to that the 100+ spay/neuter procedures our vets performed for local pets, and we’ve made a sizable dent in the future feline population.

Wondering what’s involved in rounding up so many stray kitties? Amazon CARES volunteer, Sarita, gives us a firsthand account of her Adventures in Cat Catching on our blog. Check it out!

Dr. Edwin Inga: Animal Hero

Our Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Edwin Inga, has always surrounded himself with animals. Throughout his childhood—filled with dogs, parrots, and turtles—he cared for his pets when they were sick and hated to see any creature in pain. For Edwin, animals were always more than human companions or commodities; they were beings in their own right, deserving of our help and respect.

With the support of his parents, Edwin studied veterinary medicine at San Marcos University in Peru, and turned his love for animals into a full-blown career. In October of 2014, he vacationed in Iquitos and heard about an open veterinarian position at Amazon CARES. Soon after interviewing, he was offered the job, but felt unsure whether he could take on the daily challenge of treating abused and neglected animals. Luckily for us, Edwin’s mother encouraged her son to accept this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Since that day, Dr. Edwin’s calm demeanor, expert care, and sheer optimism (in the midst of unspeakable suffering) have saved many hundreds of animals’ lives. Even during his time off—when he’s not playing volleyball or buried in a good book—he researches clinic cases online, seeking out the best possible treatment options. While his patients may express their gratitude with a purr, a nuzzle, or a wagging tail, we’ll come right out and say it: thank you for being an animal hero, Dr. Edwin!

Get to know the people of Amazon CARES with staff profiles like this one: here's another recent profile (of me, Manuela!) on our blog.

Amazon CARES Always Needs You

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! We wouldn’t exist without your generosity. As a reminder, Amazon CARES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA, and all of your donations are tax-deductible. We welcome any gift, large or small. Monthly contributions are especially helpful, since they provide us with added financial stability.

Regardless of how you choose to donate, I will personally make sure that your gift is put to good use for the needy animals who count on us and deserve a better life.

With the utmost gratitude,
Manuela Rodrigues
Executive Director & President
Amazon CARES